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The default buying behavior of humans is comparing alternatives. That means whatever you offer, it’s going to be compared to competitors.

But what if you really believe that there are no competitors you could be fairly compared with? Does that mean that you actually have no competitors, that you are effectively a one-person-monopoly? What if, in other words, what you offer to the world is something uniquely wonderful, like bacon made from flying spider pigs?

Sadly, that’s not the case. If people can’t think of a way to compare you fairly, they will just start comparing you unfairly. Without batting an eyelid, clients will compare flying [[Flying pig|spider pig]] bacon with regular bacon, and feel justified in pointing out that the regular kind is cheaper.

Whatever you do, whatever you show or tell, people will find ways to compare what you offer to things they already know and understand. There is no choice about that. The only thing you can do is help them make at least a somewhat rational comparison, instead of the instinctive one. So if all else fails, give them at least two meaningfully different offers (where one is not just more of the other) and they will feel less pressured to go and compare you with some random person expert from the internet just for the sake of “doing their research”.

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