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Everybody says their horse is the fastest. It’s the only logical thing to say, really. However, the public instinctively knows that they can’t all be telling the truth. If just one or two horse breeders stated their confidence, their statements could be judged on their own arguments or simply reputations. But when all of them say the same thing a curious thing starts happening: the public starts to distrust all of them.

This is sometimes expressed as talk is cheap.

However, if some among them start to bet large sums of money on their own horse, that becomes treated as a piece of usable information to the public for determining who they should bet on. Horse breeding is risky, and visibly piling on additional risk in form of bets only makes sense if you, as a horse breeder, know something other betters don’t.

If you ever wondered why are some expert service providers among the most guilty of hiring expensive offices adorned with artwork, buying watches with eye-watering price tags, and other visible excesses – now you know. They are visibly doubling down on their confidence, and that signal cuts through the noise of everyone “shouting” about the quality of their work.

Because talk is cheap, but great design is expensive – and that’s the point. So I’m not saying “get a Rolex”. I’m saying find a tangible signal that you are “betting on your own horse” and then show it off.

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