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You know that section of your work that you expressed so many times you can practically do them in your sleep? Those facts, rules, or general notes that you had to repeat over and over until you started wishing you could just rewind time until you are done with that part and something new can happen?

Yeah, me neither.

Seriously, if you are facing this problem, try doing this: write those things down in a way that is simultaneously short and clear. Once you do that, think of 5 phrases your target audience would use to Google this content. Choose the best one among them and now you have the name of this document. Now you just have to make it presentable by reformatting it into a pdf, ppt, video, or similar.

Finally, find an easy way of offering this “digital asset” for sale. Price it by thinking about how much time the client would save by buying it instead of doing their own research, times their typical per-hour fee, times 0,25.

Is this likely to make you rich? NoBut in this age of truly uninspiring interest rates, it is likely to generate as much return as a significant amount of money sitting in a bank account somewhere. 

If there is a chance you can make something in an hour that will make you the equivalent amount of return AND lower the chance that you will have to repeat those words out loud at the same time, why not try it out?

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