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Let’s revise some basics here: what sound does a cow make? In English, everybody knows it’s moo, of course. It’s muh in German, meuh or mou in French, mu in Spanish, boe in Dutch, 음매 (eum-mae) in Korean, ụm bò in Vietnamese, हम्मा (hamma) in Marathi. The point is: there’s a list of ways people hear cows in 43 languages, and it’s all very similar.

If you hear a “mooing” sound, you can be pretty sure a cow made that noise, wherever you are.

Continuing with the basics: what sounds does a client make, when he or she sees a price very close to the limit of what they are willing to pay, but not actually out of budget? Most people think it’s “ok”, “yes” or “sure”, but that’s actually not correct, in most cases.

Unlike when they are very happy with the price, when the price is closer to their limit they will rarely be in much of a hurry – perhaps hoping you will volunteer a discount or some other “deal sweetener” if they keep quiet for a few seconds. When they realize that’s not happening, they may sigh or shrug their shoulders and say something along the lines of “Uh… yeah, yeah I think we should be able to manage that” or some equivalent.

If you hear such language from a client after they see the price, you can be pretty sure that the price you asked for was neither too high nor did you leave money on the table – it was a real bullseye.

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