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A talented client once said, “as I have gotten better, I realized I could do [Package A] in less than 20 hours, it’s now more like 12 now. So I guess I should lower its price accordingly”.

Maybe that sounds logical to you as well. It’s like saying Dear client, I’m sorry I now need even less of your time to solve this serious problem for you. Let me lower my price, as compensation

When you put it like that, the apparent logic starts to fall apart.

This is what I meant by “clients don’t want your time”, in my last email.

So, can we just try to propose options, but not based on quantities?

Let’s vary the other three price components: conveniencerisk, or ego.

If I vary the options for the 30-hour job (called X hereon after) by convenience:

  • A) X, but I only work Tuesday mornings=2000$
  • B) X, done in a month =3000$
  • C) X, done in a week=6000$

If I vary them by risk:

  • A) X, but you pay per hour as long as it takes =100$/hour 
  • B) X, you pay lump sum but maintenance is extra = 3000$
  • C) X, I also take care of any maintenance for this year=7000$

If I vary them by ego cost:

  • A) X, but I can use your data in my presentations = 1000$
  • B) X, I can list you as my client =3000$
  • C) X, but done anonymously, no one knows I did that and not you = 8000$

In all of these, the actual scope of the job never changed. And yet. I think we can agree these are all very different options.

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