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The 99-cent double cheeseburger… to make it, you have to feed, raise and slaughter cows, grind their meat then freeze it and ship it to its destination, but also grow some wheat and process it until it’s whiter than queen Elizabeth the 1st. Also, learn to milk cows and then make cheese. And that’s not even to mention the growing and pickling of cucumbers, sweetening tomatoes, or grinding of mustard seeds, etc. 

How in the name of everything that is holy did we ever come to live in a world where such a thing can be even created? And HOW is it possible that those four-hundred and ninety calories can be served to me for an amount of money that, if I make the minimum wage here in the US, I can earn in ELEVEN MINUTES?

John Green, Crash Course World History #1

If our ability to set the prices depend on the audience’s ability to understand exactly what they are paying for nothing would ever get sold.

Even when you are hungry, you don’t have time to marvel about most of the facts surrounding a hamburger – you want to know

  • will it fill you up
  • does it taste good
  • and what’s its price.

Now remember this point of view, and ask yourself what are the basic facts in your line of work, for your own target audience. What’s their trigger to find you, and what facts do they want to know? Finally, make sure that your marketing communicates that, and not much more.

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