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Not everyone wants or needs your 100%. I know that’s true, and yet I struggle with it because it hurts. It’s more fun to give yourself room to dig into the hard cases, improvise, and be creative.

A surgeon friend of mine told me that doctors often both dread and hope for that one hopeless situation where they will be called to push themselves to the limit and alter the fate of another soul by using nothing but a sharpened spoon, boiled towels, and pure grit.

I won’t tell you to give up that kind of longing, I think it’s good to hang on to it, but I will suggest that basing your day-to-day business model on such scenarios is not a path to success.

Could per-per-hour hotels offer a whole night’s accommodation at a lower price? Absolutely. Why don’t they? Because that’s not what their clients need or want.

So do you have to teach the clients everything you know every time, or could you offer some of them just enough for the current trouble to pass, and leave the deep lessons for when they want it all? It may be less glorious, but it’s good practice and a more consistent money-maker.Not everybody wants to start a swim by jumping in with both feet at the deep end. Your offer should include an easier-to-understand, easier-to-trust “get in easy” service, with a price proportional to the client’s need, not your effort. That sets the right tone for the next steps correctly.

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