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Day: December 23, 2022

Why Do They Need You

If you ever ended up in a situation where you want to get paid for advice, there is a fundamental question that needs to be answered first: what

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Expensive burden

It’s quite possible to bore or even scare people by talking about how qualified you are. Even if the words you say are absolutely true, and they are objectively in need of an

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Overestimation Costs

Dealing with clients who pretend they know nothing is so frustrating, right? How could anyone consider themselves a well-rounded adult without a basic understanding of

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Correct their Brief

Tell me if this sounds familiar: I usually know what I want. When I’m ordering fast food, I like quick service. I call the place

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Scarecrow Pricing

It’s always nice to talk about good-fitting clients, when you know working with them will be a breeze. However, despite your best efforts, there’s bound

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