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It’s quite possible to bore or even scare people by talking about how qualified you are. Even if the words you say are absolutely true, and they are objectively in need of an individual like you. The words you use to describe yourself can act as a verbal lead weight that will sink your chances of converting knowledge into currency.

If you think I’m being dramatic, answer this:

If you are thinking “of course not”, too late – you probably did. What you see described here in the scientifically correct way, is an egg. Normal, organic, perfectly healthy.

If you were a nutritionist and saw this on a box of eggs, you would not need me to know everything was perfectly fine, and the label is just telling you that “water is wet”.

You are probably not a nutritionist, so there’s a good chance that if you saw a label like this without an explanation you would probably not touch the box with a stick, let alone buy it. And that’s what I meant by “verbal lead” – an objectively correct way of expressing the value that actually hides value from clients.

The only way to turn that proverbial “verbal lead” into gold is to determine who you are trying to impress, then actively lower the level of communication to their level taking care not to cut the parts which are important to their understanding of the problem they have. It is possible, the alchemists of old just quit too soon.

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