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AI and the Importance of What You Don’t Do

ou may have lately heard more about artificial intelligence and what it can now do.** 

It’s true that it can do a lot. It also reminds me of a scene from a classic Sci-fi book. It’s a bit about an AI keeping its passengers in stasis for centuries and refusing to continue the flight of a spaceship because its protocols demand serving lemon-soaked napkins, but there are none to be found in that solar system. Its solution: wait for a couple of millennia until a new civilization crops up, then buy some napkins.

For now, the AI is good at doing what it’s told to the best of its ability, but not so good at holding back when circumstances require a more flexible approach. It will do what you tell it to do, not more and not less, for better or worse for the “client”.

You and I can do better than that. Until recently, that went without saying, as all of the service providers were human, so it held little to no value.

I think this will change. As more and more clients experience the pitfalls of working with a “maliciously” compliant AI genie, the value of some basic human traits like understanding context with very little data will rise as well.

Don’t know about any flying cars, but we may yet get to put “didn’t make you bang your head against a post in frustration” as an item on the bill, and have clients nod thankfully. That’s some strange “silver lining”, but I’ll take it.

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