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What Makes a Bill Welcome

In order for clients to be satisfied with what you did for them, three things must happen:

1) They need to recognize that you can provide them with value

2) You need actually to provide the value they expected

3) They need to be able to see that you did as promised

When all this happens, your bill will become an insignificant detail of the deal for them, not really something to remember. 

The value of a service is built on the promise of achieving a wanted change or avoiding an unwanted one. There are, however, differences in what “change” is expected.

For commoditized services, value is about a black-or-white test: the correct pizza has to be delivered on time, warm, to the right person. If it was, then billing is due.

For expert services, value is very much a matter of degree: two coaches can be able to change a client’s mindset, but one of them can do it quicker and has a much better track record of lasting results than the other. So while both could put nominally the same important-ish sounding, vague words on their bill, the service provided is likely to be entirely different. The question is not just “delivered or not” but “how much do you feel this helped”.

The only way to get clients to stop focusing on the price is to shift their focus to the value. To do that, make them aware of what degree of services you provide, rather than just whether you can “do it” or not.

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