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When Should You Publish Your Fees Online

There are three distinct cases you could fit into, but this is not an “it depends” answer, as it should be pretty clear where you fit in.

Case A: You offer the lowest prices on the market

  • for some reason, very few competitors can undercut you and that is unlikely to change soon
    = it’s a good idea to publish your fees

Case B: You offer among the highest prices on the market

  • you want clients to self-select and only contact you if their “purse” is as serious as they are
    = it’s a good idea to show your fees off

Case C: You are neither of the above cases, your work is at neither pricing extremes

  • You want and need the flexibility of experimenting with your fees, or simply the projects are too different to be quoted in advance
    = it’s not a good idea to reveal your fees before talking to the prospective client

I hope that clears it up.

There are a couple of “big tips” to add here:

  • if you want to be included in other people’s projects or tenders, do publish your fees
  • if you don’t give out information about your price in advance, people are going to guess using “tangibility” markers: references, website, physical location, shoes/watches/cars/furniture shown in photographs, etc. Be mindful of those, and if you can’t make them reflect your level of quality, think about publishing a ballpark range of pricing, or at least some old case studies with pricing included.

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