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Overdelivery Is Never Enough

When McDonald’s wanted to improve sales for their milkshakes, they made the mistake of trying to sell more by improving the flavor, texture, colors, toppings, and other core product features. However, none of the changes made any significant difference to sales or profit.[

Because of outside advice, they realized that more than 50% of milkshakes were sold before 8:30 in the morning. Why? People were often choosing it as the best thing to consume during their long, boring commute. They needed something to keep their taste buds entertained for a while they drive but is not messy to eat.

So McDonald’s put the milkshake machines closer to the entrance and introduced pre-paid cards that could get a commuter in and out in as little time as possible. They also made the shakes thicker, so they lasted longer in the commute.**

Their sales didn’t only increase, they went up 7x.

And people

Overdelivery means providing the clients more value than they expected or paid for. This could mean additional services, higher speed, quality, or personalized attention. It seems logical that these are the things that drive repeat business, client loyalty, and referrals.

But it wasn’t the costly over-delivery on the shake’s flavor profile that made the big difference. It was the easily solved closeness to the door. Understanding your client’s needs will bring you more results than overdelivering, every time.

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