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What to expect when not expecting cash

In some cases, it’s simply not reasonable to charge full price or expect monetary compensation at all. I’m not talking about total charity cases here. Charity is in the same category as giving Christmas gifts to your kids as far as I’m concerned, with nothing to do with any deals or value exchange.

But there are still cases when a potential client has a bad break, a person needs mentoring that you can provide, or someone asks you for a professional favor in a decent manner. Treating the deal as “full charity” could embarrass the other party, and of course, charging them anywhere near full price is simply not an option.

And people

Here are some elements for building a workable deal even in these conditions:

  • Promise to help some other person with their own advice – pass it along
  • Provide me with data for an in-depth case study
  • Help me test out some new material or method
  • Give me or my book a favorable review online
  • Return the favor with a referral business
  • Donate x amount to my favorite charity
  • Help me with some tedious work I have to do
  • Come be a part of the live audience for a live recording I plan to do

Money is just the most universal way of expressing value or gratitude, but it’s far from the best one for every occasion. Charity is great, but can look condescending- When neither is a good option, offer a way of giving back that builds the relationship the most.

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