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Let’s say my back hurts a little in the morning. At this point, I don’t see any reason to pay much attention to the fact, let alone pay any money to solve it. I think I’ll probably just take on some exercise, or at least get a dog to make myself take long walks. And of course, I probably won’t.

So the pain persists, and as days go by increasingly becoming more bothersome, it becomes clear I will have to address it soon. Just not, you know, today.

And then one morning my back hurt so much I can’t stand up. Suddenly, the problem seems to have gotten so out of hand that the idea of being able to handle this on my own evaporates.

Now I’m ready to pay someone else to tell me the steps for getting me out of this. Since experimenting sounds like a painful prospect, it would be even better if someone could just do this instead of me._

I need somebody else’s confidence because mine clearly isn’t enough._ So I need an expert, i.e. somebody with enough confidence that I can borrow and solve this problem.

And people

This is why the price tag and other overt displays of confidence (website, address, clothes) have such an outsized role in the successful sales of any expertise-based service.

If you are paid to think, I’d bet whatever you are selling can probably be classified as “selling confidence.” That means analyzing how confident you look to potential clients is a good investment.

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