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Invisible Differences – Selling to Mr.Magoo

Mr. Magoo is an iconic cartoon character from the 1950-ies. He is wealthy, stubborn, and gets into comical situations because of his extreme near-nearsightedness, or even more accurately because of his refusal to admit the problem.

These traits are however only comical until a point of view like his becomes pivotal to the value of your own work.

We all know every specialist is essentially an entirely different bundle of experiences and proficiency, and most client cases will be suited to a particular type of individual expert. It’s just that, a lot of times, you need to be aware that most of those differences are entirely invisible to clients.

And people

And when that’s true, anything you say or write that is
  1) impossible to verify for a client
  2) could technically be claimed by anybody who does the same service
  3) would never be claimed otherwise_
is essentially a waste of breath._

For example, the ubiquitous “We care about all of our clients” – nobody would claim they don’t care, and it’s impossible to verify from the client’s side because it could mean almost anything.

Even if completely true, facts are not a useful way to show the differences if the audience has as much of a grasp on nuance and context as Mr. Magoo.

To get “his” attention, your fit has to be clearly shown or implied in the way he expects and can understand, rather than hinted at. Hard to do, but necessary.

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