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Limited Means Strong

When I talk about my work, I like to clarify that the industry or cost of living context makes very little difference to whether I can help someone. But that does not mean that I can help everyone.

For starters, anyone that is unable to freely make decisions about changing their market approach or pricing is unlikely to have much use for what I say. Add to that a considerable number of people that sell consumer physical products, commodities like aluminum or coffee beans, most financial services but also real estate, and truly commoditized services where physical location is the primary factor in determining the price.

Finally, anything that needs to be sold over government tenders or big company RFP-s usually cannot be helped with my approach.

In order for my work to apply, clients need to sell expertise-based services to other people who can be tired, frustrated, vindictive, relieved, elated, or motivated.

And people

Objectively, this severely limits my prospects, but that doesn’t really matter. There are still hundreds of thousands that I can help. I’m just one guy, I’m never going to get close to serving all of them anyway. So if my target audience was 100x bigger, that would mean watering my message down to reach even more different people, but my prospecting would likely look about the same.

**Our market limitations give us structure and direction.
Find yours, and embrace them.

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