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Don’t Copy Pricing Policies

If I were a betting man, I’d bet you wouldn’t copy someone else’s business logo, even if you legally could. After all, a logo helps us stand out by expressing our brand.

Thing is, a pricing policy is no less a highly visible part of your brand.

Brand images are sensitive to inconsistencies, and even if you don’t look like anybody else, and seem to have a unique angle on your expertise, but price just like everyone else does, it’s easy to conclude that all that “bling” is just a marketing facade.

And people

A custom pricing policy can help establish a strong brand identity, just like a logo can.

By copying pricing policies, we lose

– the flexibility to adapt to international clients, changing technology, or personal preferences.

– the scalability, which is different when a single person is doing the work, than a team or 30 people.

– the ability to differentiate ourselves by the way we charge, not just the amount. To draw attention to the part of the value that we think is the most relevant for the client.

I’m completely serious. You wouldn’t copy somebody’s logo – so don’t simply copy their pricing policy. If you take the time to pick apart the standard pricing policies and see what works best for you there is usually a way to offer an alternative to what the client is used to in a way that covers the client’s needs, wants, and especially fears in a useful and distinctive way.

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