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Why I Give a Damn About How You Charge

Today, I’d like to tell you a little about my motivation. I feel that, as a rule, being smart and independent simply doesn’t pay enough.

Becoming strong, fast, or beautiful seems to have a much better personal return on investment than understanding stuff. Yet, for a society, it’s the other way around.

I thought it was a local phenomenon, but working with smart people from all over the globe made me realize that solo experts of all creeds are like society’s left-handed, red-haired stepchildren. Nothing is built with us in mind since we are neither workers nor corporations or the government. Loans, insurance, education, it’s all clearly built for somebody else.

And people\

The value of our work has an outsized effect on keeping the machine of everyday life going, but by sticking to the rules that were never written with us in mind, we rarely get much to show for it. Our lives tend to be far from the worst, but that’s about as far as we usually go.

I feel that’s bad for everybody, so I intend to leave a dent in the whole facade of a society that thrives on expert knowledge but also acts like it’s entitled to get medicine for the price of candy just because experts tend to like doing what we are good at.

I’ve seen enough of that, and my content is and will be a way of pushing back.

Thanks for sharing the moment with me. The regular content will be back on the menu shortly.

For example

Deb King, the coach’s coach and I had a fruitful discussion about the way experts see the value of their work, and how it affects their price in a recent episode called “Taking Your Value for Granted”. There are more than a couple of useful tools in there, so if you’d like an example or two of what I meant by “pushing back”, do give it a listen.

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