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AI Susceptibility Test: Find Out

The first time I met Chat GPT, I was more than a little unnerved. After playing around, I remember holding my breath after asking me some basic questions about my area of expertise. I let out a long, relieved breath when all it answered was a bunch of “safe” but vague advice.

AI is the most recent nightmare horseman to join the classic trio of competition, outsourcing, and automation. Most people try to deal with them by some variation of “I’m going to do an even better job”, meaning “I’m going to heap on more value”. The idea is to make your offer so good, that you’d have to be blind to miss it.

But you are selling to people who lack the context to properly see the value you are providing them. That means that “heaping on” even more (mostly invisible) value will have little to no effect on the client’s decision. This is why crafting a true “no-brainer offer” is such a hard task to do

Even if you can take the cost increase, it will also nudge your positioning at least a little closer to seeming desperate and messy, as unappealing as an overstuffed “pizza with everything”. Ugh.
And people

No, the real plan is to face the fear and make the value you already provide shine that much brighter. If you review an old project and then try to replicate what you did for the project with outsourcing, AI tools, etc. you might be relieved to conclude, as I was, that your fear was unfounded. 

Happy debunking!

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