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Arnold’s Hack Stand Out, Set Anchors

This is how young Arnie Schwarzenegger got Americans to pay him a premium price for laying bricks just because he spoke German: His friend Franco Columbu was a skilled bricklayer, so soon after arriving in the USA, they got into business together to finance their bodybuilding careers.

Before making an offer, they would first measure the site using the metric system, then loudly argue in German. One of them would then say to the client – he says this would cost $8000, but I disagree, it’s a $7200 job at most. Let me see what I can do. After a little more arguing, they would offer to do it for $7000, and, despite the existence of (hundreds of dollars) cheaper competition, it often worked.

And people

But why did that work?

1) They named their offer European bricklaying which hinted at offering unique methodology, rare expertise, and premium work.
2) This claim was “proven” by using unfamiliar language and measuring units, which in turn diminished the value of domestic competitors as being reliable reference points for a price.
3) They then created new reference points through the “argument”, where they presented them with a high “anchor” first so that the final offer seemed discounted in comparison, despite being higher than the market average.**

Can you do the same? To find out, try to name a difference that you can easily show off and a high number you could use as a pricing “anchor”.**

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