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Why “Hourly Pricing” isn’t as “healthy” for you as they say

Why “Hourly Pricing” isn’t as “healthy” for you as they say
You may have heard a thousand times before that hourly pricing is not ideal for you. Sometimes, that’s hard to hear. There are so many good memories you have had together, plus everybody expects to see you in each other’s company, they are already mentioned in all of your documents and if worst comes to worst at least it’s a devil you know.

Most employers use hours to quantify our work, so it’s easy to get used to “stay faithful” and continue thinking about hours as the primary way to quantify the amount of work even when we get self-employed.

And that’s fine until you realize that in the business of expertise, less is often more: trusting clients typically value shorter litigation, surgery, coaching, or speeches higher than longer ones. That means that confusing the number of hours with the value of work can quickly become problematic, even counter-productive.

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Whatever the reason for your attachment to hourly pricing it’s important to remember that you are allowed to charge for different things in different ways.

Even if your main offer has to be charged per hour by law, you would probably be able to charge per word for any updates, charge a success fee for an excellent result, or add a paid-per-item bonus action.

Pricing methods are tools, not spouses. You are allowed to be happy with more than one of them at the same time, even in the politest of circumstances.

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