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Partners Upgrade Your Premium Offering

Being able to deliver by working alone has many advantages, but isolation can breed skepticism. This is especially true when charging for something extra.

This is why I find the”premium” version of a service, should include some other expert’s work in there as well. You can present it as a collaboration, or white label them depending on the industry, but the inclusion signals “another level of service” that no manner of extra effort of yours can achieve.

To find a suitable candidate, think about adjacent services, like who do clients usually need before or after your service? Who do they tend to use in parallel? Good examples would be a nutritionist to a fitness coach, a stylist to a dressmaker, a website builder to a brand specialist, or an immigration lawyer to an interview coach specializing in migrants.

And people
It’s usually not a 1:1 partnership, just an hour or two of their time with each of your clients will be enough. Include their price in yours, and pay them per client, out of that client’s fee.

Doing this is not just more fun, it lets you illustrate the difference between the standard and premium service, it also serves as a trust multiplier, since now you are obviously chosen not just by clients, but by other people with good standing as well.**

So who would you choose? Identify 1-2 experts today whose services complement their own, and reach out to explore collaboration.**

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