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Raise Revenue Without Spooking Clients

Does reinvigorating a pricing policy have to include raising it? – Not necessarily, or at least not directly. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of indirect changes that will positively impact your revenue while only requiring a fraction of the potential for fostering conflict compared to straight-up price raising.

So, let’s say you keep your price the same, but:

And people
  • start charging extra for some add-on services that used to be free of charge as now your time is in more demand (unbundling)

    – only for clients that fulfill a condition: pay in advance, buy in bulk, buy early, also buy something else, refer you, etc (bundling)

    – lower the quantity of work provided for that service, as now you need less time to achieve the same result (shrinkflation)

    – also offer an alternative, higher-value tier of your service for an increased price, so it makes little sense not to switch. This applies if you now know your audience enough to recognize a way to upgrade the value with little to no additional cost to you (supersizing)

While each of these takes work, more importantly, none of them take courage – most clients you like will barely feel this as a change, since in all cases they retain an option of paying the old price for a value they used to expect.

Chances are most of you could implement at least one of these as a New Year resolution. So if you had to choose one, which one would it be?

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