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Negotiating without changing the rate

In self-defense classes, they teach you that when someone grabs you by the arm, the correct response is to ignore the immobilized limb and focus on what you can do with the rest of your body.

Pricing is the same.Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you simply cannot change the rate you currently charge. That does not mean you are now a “sitting duck”. 

Remember, a better deal does not equal simply a lower price – the client will subconsciously also consider perceived factors of risk, convenience, and, of course, ego.

And people

To alter the client’s perception of risk, choose a unit of measure that aligns with the client’s perception of value. Translation, if they start paying you per deliverable instead of per hour, they will effectively stop paying for any potential inefficiencies in your work. This frees them up from that risk, which shows your offer in a better light, even with the rate being the same.

Likewise, offering unconventionally streamlined payment methods can make the administrative burden of working with you more convenient.

As for ego, offering to unlock some kind of VIP treatment (access to coaching, loyalty deals, exclusive guarantees) with your offer can “tickle” the client’s emotional side.

If you ever wished there could be a way to collaboratively work out a better deal with a client without feeling like haggling over price or quantity, this is the way.

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