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Tolerating the Unthinkable for Fun and Profit

All clients hate to hear “It depends”.

Yes, I know pricing is not that simple. Yup, it’s unfair. You are right, “how much” is a ridiculous question really, not entirely unlike “how long is a piece of string” etc.

I’ve heard it all, and so have all of your future clients.
And although you are well within your rights to answer with “it depends”, I’d still advise you not to do that.

Standing out from the crowd is simple, and if it was also easy, everyone would do it – _and then no one would stand out.And people\

So, if you want clients to actually take notice and wonder what’s different about you, do things that others like you hate:

1. Answer a price query with “typically…” and then a price range. Make the bottom of the range high enough to cover 80% of the worst-case scenario, and make the top 20% higher than you ever charged. You can always later make the case that this project is not typical if you need to.
2. Charge enough to cover 80% of scope changes right away, then stand by your price instead of nickel-and-diming.
3. Acknowledge, upfront and at loud, that you charge more than your competitors.
4. Refrain from explaining your price at all, by default. If asked, be brief.

You will not always be able to do, or dare to do, any of these, and that’s OK. Even when you do, sometimes it will hurt. But overall doing them will enable you to charge, and earn, like no one else you know.

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