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Vicious Cycle of Hourly Logic

You will only be hired if you acquired expertise in the past.

But all those hours, for the purposes of the current project, are worth nothing. Only the hours you spend on THIS project count.
That… bothers me.

I’m not saying viewing pricing as a function of pure hourly cost is a bad one for everything, but if what you are selling is expertise, it’s a VERY bad model for you.

It’s bad because it’s based on faulty logic, and that may seem benign, but it’s not. Charging based on hours can cause a cascading set of bad consequences, all of which happened to me multiple times:

And people
  1. TIME PRESSURE: The clock’s ticking washes away the potential for value-generating or time-saving innovation. Or enough sleep.
  2. MENTAL SIEGE: Relentlessly tracking time drains up resources needed for flair and passion. Or, again, enough sleep.
  3. LOST POTENTIAL: The result ends up missing much value it could have gotten from the missed innovation and lagging flair.
  4. UNDERVALUED EXPERTISE: Client perception is skewed by the muted expression of value, leading to a value communication mismatch as your hard-won expertise gets grossly reduced to hours x rates. Not only will that effect haunt the final invoice, but it’s also likely to inform the negotiations for the next project for this client, resulting in time pressure on the next project. And so the cycle begins anew.

There’s GOT to be a better way.

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