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When to Switch TO Hourly

No, I’m not being disingenuous – there IS a moment in the client-expert relationship where the best possible move is to propose switching to hourly.

That moment comes about in fixed-scope deals where there was supposed to be a pre-determined end to your efforts, but the client insists on “exploring options” and “revisions” so much that the promised end is really nowhere in sight.Don’t get me wrong – revisions are fine, and to be expected in normal amounts. Those should be priced in fixed scope deals – they cost nothing extra because you added their likely cost into the initial price.

Some projects will have no revisions at all, and some will have up to 50% as many as you predicted, and that’s also fine because it’s really covered by other projects. Those are not the situations that need the “switch to hourly”.

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If the amount of demanded extra effort starts to be borderline ridiculous, however, it’s time for a change of tactics.

1. Proactively ring the client up, and tell them that you are happy to do one more round of revisions under the regular deal
2. Inform them that any more than that would have to be priced hourly, at a (deliberately) uncomfortable rate.
3. The rate shouldn’t be openly punitive, but should also not be “friendly” in any shape or form. People get more decisive when it costs them money.
4. Congratulations on your almost immediately finished project 😉

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