About Filip Fučić

Filip is formally a mag.oec. (business school graduate), has 3 years of entrepreneurial experience, has taught business planning at his alma mater, and was a marketing manager in an IT company for 5 years, then stepped out to form his solo consultant practice, which grew into Lift-off. Through it all, he has worked with consulting clients on the topic of market strategy and pricing and has devoted a significant amount of time answering questions about those topics for free on his LinkedInQuora account and, recently, YouTube.

Along with that, he is involved in professional pricing projects all over the world:
  • He is one of the designated “Expert pricing Peeps” of the North American Your Business Peeps community for personal brands.
  • He is a contributor to the North American Hikma strategies program that seeks to uplift PhDs by giving upgrading their knowledge with commercial capabilities.
  • He is one of the current partners for the London-based PriceBeam software that helps determine prices globally through in-depth research powered by technology.