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Category: Expert’s Paradox

The Game-changer Trap

In 2021 a clever and original pasta shape called Cascatelli won Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year. It’s been developed by Dan Pashman, the host of the Sporkful food podcast,

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Pill & Candy Pricing

Imagine a world where people didn’t distinguish between candy and medicines,** and instead mentally lumped them all into a vague category called “soothe snacks”. Ridiculous, of

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Expensive burden

It’s quite possible to bore or even scare people by talking about how qualified you are. Even if the words you say are absolutely true, and they are objectively in need of an

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Overestimation Costs

Dealing with clients who pretend they know nothing is so frustrating, right? How could anyone consider themselves a well-rounded adult without a basic understanding of

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