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Pre-Burned Clients

Thanks to the famous Dunning-Kruger effect, the clients who know a little about our field are often the most annoying to price for. They know enough to think that

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Doubt to Deal

Let’s say my back hurts a little in the morning. At this point, I don’t see any reason to pay much attention to the fact,

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Passion-Profit balance

Some projects help you grow by acting like stepping stones for future work.  Others are work that keeps you in the game. It’s important to realize

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Numbers To Rely On

Vague, hard-to-disprove statements like “we care about our clients”, should be avoided because they undermine trust building. By hard to disprove, I don’t mean 2+2=4, or

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What Makes a Price Realistic

A price should be, first and foremost, based on reality. But does that mean it should only include direct costs?No. From your side, consider:– opportunity costs: if one job

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