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Category: Dueling

Truth to Power Trick

In 1982, while negotiating the future of Hong Kong the Chinese chairman Deng Xiaoping famously told British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that ‘China could take

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Hierarchy vs. Value

The first director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, saw communist spies everywhere. That meant any FBI agent who didn’t interpret every data point as

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Defensible Price Point

Definition-wise, “defensive pricing” seeks to set a price point in a way that will be able to withstand direct comparisons. That means clients pointing at

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If you happen to not be fluent in french fencing slang, a “riposte” is a quick return thrust – lightly but firmly taking the initiative back from the opponent.

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To Trick the Trickster

At the very dawn of my legal drinking age, my friends and I spent many merry hours “testing our liver capacity” at a local bar. We were

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Weaponized politeness

Politeness is often used in a predatory way, like a stranger offering sweets to kids and then insisting it’s impolite to say no.  As for Mr. Pin

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