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Category: Pricing

De-Stigmatising Low Prices

Despite the risk of “discount addiction”, the “stench of desperation”, appearing “suspiciously cheap” and all of the other very real traps that I usually write

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What are bosses for

If employed experts do all the work that a defined market needs done, what are bosses even for? If you ask employees, answers will typically span

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Rush Charge Boundaries

Sometimes, an offer’s “estimated time to completion” is the main ingredient. I’ve seen a case where a couple of friends working in an attic could regularly out-compete “serious”

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Discount Danger

Its common sense tells us that as we raise the price, the number of clients will naturally go down. And this is true, but it’s not the whole truth. The

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Competitive is just a word

Words have tone (lax vs playful), and weight (liberated vs carefree). Their meaning can also be more or less elastic. Some words, like “three”, usually mean only one thing. Other

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