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Category: Free

Should you work for free

When people talk to me, the question “Should I work for free” is often said using a strange tone that drips with both excitement and uncertainty.

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A Better Deal than Free

It’s often said that you cannot compete on price with something that’s free – provided by the government, subsidized, done by free volunteers, a donation-backed

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Phyton Swansong

And now, for something completely different… For 7 years you YouTubers have been ripping us off, taking tens of thousands of our videos and putting

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The Favor Quicksand

Expert services are opaque – outsiders find it hard to see what goes into them. So when a friend asks you for a “quick professional

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Better than free

A few months ago, I was offered two types of tickets for the same series of online events. The first type of ticket costs 100$

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Theory of Practice

I believe without exception that theory follows practice. Whenever there is a conflict between theory and practice, theory is wrong. As far as I’m concerned, we make

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