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Trap Dodging Thrill

In order to do your job, you need to be able to talk to decision-makers and need to know that your opinion, including the value

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The Expectation Trap

Expectations dictate the level of client satisfaction. Of course, results have to be at least adequate for this to be true, but specialists often over-deliver on

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Of Tongue-tied Proposals

Not every honest, down-to-earth attempt at pricing transparency turns out well. The following is a 100% real proposal for illustration services. The grand question for

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Should You Charge for Analysis

Usually, distinguishing symptoms clients are worried about from the actual underlying problems requires an analysis, which is a real job requiring compensation. This will chase away some

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Why Do They Need You

If you ever ended up in a situation where you want to get paid for advice, there is a fundamental question that needs to be answered first: what

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Symptom of Value

If you met me four years ago and asked me what I did, I would have said “strategic marketing”. It was true then, and it

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