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Category: Comparing Yourself

How I Found My Competitors

For years, I successfully distracted myself from thinking about who is my competition. But I have to admit that it’s a “dark playground” (see picture)-

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Industrial Eye Patch

Viewing your competition as “others in my industry” or “people who do what I do” leads to a special kind of myopia. Namely, mixing up your “industry”

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Flying Spider-Pig Bacon

The default buying behavior of humans is comparing alternatives. That means whatever you offer, it’s going to be compared to competitors. But what if you really

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New Age of Comparison

Throughout history, selling expertise of any kind was usually local. That also meant that competition was fairly easy to identify and keep an eye on.

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Gone in 82 seconds

Historically, service value communication had a very limited range but was a fairly simple affair. If you sell ice cream or draw henna tattoos on a local

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