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Category: Getting Heard

Whiskey in the jar??

Let’s be weird for a second, and imagine your service, your offer manifesting as the contents of a jar on a shelf. It’s a nice jar, you

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Once upon a time, a clever team of experts created a delicious but very special hamburger. It completely lacked conjugate linoleic acid, which they substituted with

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Mortis Portalis Tackulatum

The doctor sat back. ‘Fairly straightforward,’ he said, thinking quickly. ‘A case of mortis portalis tackulatum with complications.’ ‘What’s that mean?’ said Chidder. ‘In layman’s

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Verb Iceberg

How do you respond when someone asks you “what do you do?”.  If you are like most people, you will answer with a noun: I’m a

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NoisrevnI Inversion

It’s always good to talk about important things. Let me tell you something about the qualities of my best friend: he has two ears, two eyes,

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Value Simplified

The 99-cent double cheeseburger… to make it, you have to feed, raise and slaughter cows, grind their meat then freeze it and ship it to

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