Take charge of your pricing

1-on-1 Program with Filip   $5,000

If you don’t really feel in control of your pricing process, this is for you. My 6-8 week program will teach you how to grab the reins, and although its price is fixed it only ends when you sell something at a at least 15% higher price, guaranteed.

1-on-1 Deep Dive Session with Filip   $1,500

Pricing expertise is hard, but there are commonalites that can be quickly applied to make a significant difference – today. Let’s take a deep dive and see what quick gains can be made. If this meeting leads into a full program (see above), its price counts toward the $5000.

Price Club Community   $250/mo

Sitting somewhere between a book club and a fight club, the price club is a place where experts of all creeds from around the globe test and share their pricing and negotiation experiences. The pack includes one common meeting, and one short 1-on-1 check in with Filip.


In my journey as a coach, I had the privilege of crossing paths with Filip, a navigator of sorts who helped me pinpoint my unique grain of sand within the oceanic oyster, the quintessential core of my purpose. His astute acumen illuminated not only my identity as a mentor but also the roadmap to guide my clientele towards transformation. Filip's expertise is not merely a service - it's a paradigm shift, a fresh lens to perceive and comprehend one's profession. My narrative has not just been refined but redefined, underscoring a renewed commitment to my vocation as a coach, speaker and a mentor.